Jubatus is a processing platform for real time deep-analysis of flow-type big data jointly developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and Preferred Networks, Inc, and is offered as open-source software since October 2011.

NTT TechnoCross strongly supports client’s big data businesses, providing variety of services from analyzing data, planning and developing system to maintaining and supporting systems, as a member of open-source community.

The Japanese version is here

Feature of Jubatus

Jubatus uses a loose model sharing architecture for efficient training and sharing of machine learning models, by defining three fundamental operations; Update, Mix, and Analyze, in a similar way with the Map and Reduce operations in Hadoop.

Feature of Jubatus


Feature 1.Deep-Analysis

Jubatus supports most tasks for deep analysis, including classification, regression, nearest neighbor, recommendation, anomaly detection, clustering, cluster analysis, simple statistics, and graph analysis.

Feature 2.Scalability

Jubatus supports scalable machine learning processing.
It can handle 1,000,000qps or more data per second using commodity hardware clusters.
It is designed for clusters of commodity, shared-nothing hardware.

Feature 3.Real-Time functionality

Jubatus updates a model instantaneously just after receiving a data, and it analyze the data instantaneously.

Jubatus Public Website

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Support Service Menu

Provided service menus are as follows:

  • Knowledge Service (basic plan)
  • Maintenance Service
  • Individual Support Service(optional plans)

These three service options are tailored to the needs of most companies.

Support Service MenuKnowledge
・Provides update information *1, FAQs *2, and other basic information

・Responses to technical inquires (5 times/month)

・Analyze failures and propose workarounds *3

・Provide provisional source code for dealing with failure *3

・10-18(JST) on weekdays

・24 hours a day, 365 days a year


・Troubleshooting: Emergency technician response, onsite response


・Troubleshooting: Normal technician response, onsite response


・Initial deployment consulting


・Building support


・Verification agency


・Restoration after failure


  • *: Action based on customer requirements. We might not accept depending on the hearing result at the time of the estimate.
  • *1: Provides information for each minor updates (bug fixes and improvements; about once a month) and major updates (new features; about twice a year).
  • *2: Provides wide range of information, including Jubatus startup, application development using Jubatus and operation.
  • *3: We might not be able to provide the workaround depending on bug contents.


Support servicePrice (/month)

Knowledge Service


Maintenance Service


Individual Support Service

Contact us

Contact Us

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